Will Taylor Swift Get Engaged Next Year to NFL’s ‘Bad Boy’ Travis Kelce?


Steamy moments between Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce have sparked new progression in their relationship.

Actress Hilarie Burton, a self-proclaimed avid fan of Taylor Swift, recently fanned the flames of Swift’s relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce by boldly predicting that the power couple will get engaged in May 2024. Burton expressed her excitement and foresight about the couple’s future on social media, envisioning a romantic, dignified Christmas for them, followed by an engagement ceremony next May.

Is Taylor Swift set to be engaged next year to ‘bad boy’ Travis Kelce?


This statement from Hilarie Burton, known for her role in “One Tree Hill,” follows Taylor Swift and Kelce’s particularly affectionate performance during the Eras Tour concert in Argentina. The Grammy-winning singer altered the lyrics of her song “Karma” to include a special thanks to Kelce, a gesture that was enthusiastically received by the audience. This, along with other ‘hot’ intimate moments caught by fans, marks a new step in the relationship between the singer and the football player.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Burton’s husband and star of “The Walking Dead,” agrees with his wife, showing support for the couple. Reflecting on his own 15-year relationship with Burton, he shared his understanding and love for his wife. In response, Burton shared her joy at the couple’s public displays of affection.

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has been a hot topic since they went public in September 2023. The couple has been spotted together at various events, including Swift’s concerts and Kelce’s football games. Their recent trip to Buenos Aires, where Taylor Swift performed three concerts and Kelce even had dinner with her father, underscores the seriousness of their relationship.

Despite challenges from busy schedules, with Swift’s international tour of over 80 shows in 2024 and Kelce’s NFL training, sources close to the couple suggest they are committed to maintaining their relationship. This upcoming holiday season, as Burton predicts, could be a significant time for the couple.”

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