Who is Travis Kelce? What to Know About Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend

Who is Travis Kelce

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce.

Fans noticed Taylor Swift attending a Chiefs vs. Bears game at the NFL, where she was even seen closely interacting with Travis Kelce’s mother. Following that, she appeared at a game between the Chiefs and the Jets the next week. Photos have shown Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spending time together in public, though both have been discreet to avoid media attention.

Who is Travis Kelce?

Who is Travis Kelce

Kelce is an American football star, currently playing as a Tight End for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. He is one of the team’s brightest stars and plays a vital role in the Chiefs’ matches.

If Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been the heart, soul, and face of the Chiefs since 2018, Kelce has been the backbone and lungs for the team for many years. Kelce has greatly supported Mahomes since he entered the NFL, playing a key role in helping the Chiefs win two championships in the past four years.

Kelce’s impressive performance with the Chiefs predates Mahomes, back when Alex Smith was the quarterback. However, the Kelce-Mahomes duo is now considered one of the best in NFL history.

Off the field, Kelce is personable and open with his thoughts, hosting a successful podcast named “New Heights”.

What position does Travis Kelce play?

Kelce plays Tight End, a unique position in American football that demands a specific team strategy.

Players in this position are used in two roles: part of the offensive line to protect the Quarterback or Running Back, and sometimes as a Wide Receiver to score points. Tight Ends are physically stronger than Wide Receivers but slower. This position often involves taking hits from opponents to protect other players.

Kelce’s style leans more towards catching passes to score, rather than blocking for other positions. He also has a broader range of action on the field, not just sticking to the sidelines like traditional Wide Receivers.

How old is Travis Kelce?

Kelce recently turned 34 on October 5. This age is considered veteran in the NFL. He is two months older than Taylor Swift, who was born in December.

Kelce is the younger of two brothers, with Jason Kelce turning 36 in November.

Where is Travis Kelce from?

Taylor Swift was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, but now lives in Los Angeles and New York.

Kelce, on the other hand, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His mother, Danna, is a bank manager, and his father, Ed, is a successful entrepreneur in the steel manufacturing industry.

How long has Travis Kelce been in the NFL?

Kelce is in his 11th NFL season. He wasn’t a standout star in his early years but worked hard to become one of the NFL’s top players.

Currently, only 25 players from the 2013 NFL Draft are still active in the 2023/24 NFL season, a testament to the challenging nature of sustaining a career in the NFL.

Kelce didn’t play in his first season due to injury and only came into the NFL spotlight in 2014.

When Kelce was starting his professional career, Taylor Swift was already a famous music star at the age of 23.

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