Taylor Swift continuously shows affection for her boyfriend


Taylor Swift modified the lyrics of a song to sing about football player Travis Kelce on stage, receiving enthusiastic support from fans and her father.


On the evening of November 11, during the Eras Tour at Estadio River Plate in Argentina, Taylor Swift excited fans by singing about her boyfriend. She changed the lyrics of the song “Karma” from “Karma is a guy on a screen” to “Karma is a guy on the Chiefs and will come home with me.” Kelce is a football player for the Kansas City Chiefs in the United States.

In a video posted by an audience member, Kelce is seen smiling and swaying in the VIP stands as he hears his girlfriend mention him, standing next to him is Taylor’s father. He appears excited, celebrating and patting the player on the back.

Throughout the performance, Kelce supported the singer, holding a sign saying “We will be together” while Taylor sang “The Archer”: “I was once the hunter and the prey. Who can leave me, who can stay?”. At the end of the show, he blew a kiss and waved to Taylor. As she went backstage, she immediately ran to him and hugged and kissed him.

According to People, their relationship is becoming more serious. They share professional ethics, value life, careers, values, and family. “She’s very happy with Kelce, he behaves like a gentleman. Kelce focuses on career development, has a close relationship with his family, and has great energy. Everything is special,” a source said.

The day before, they arrived in South America and dined with Taylor’s father at Elena restaurant in Buenos Aires. Sources say the star couple enjoyed a relaxed evening date. Despite busy schedules, Taylor and Kelce try to do many things together, spending romantic time with each other. They comfortably express affection in public, without being awkward or stiff.

The singer also supports her boyfriend’s career. The first time she watched Kelce play was on September 24, then cheered for him in three other matches. In a press conference, Andy, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, mentioned that the singer positively influences Kelce’s sports performance and helps him improve. The four times she attended, the player won. While watching, Taylor constantly smiled, clapped, and showed enthusiasm.

Taylor also spends time meeting and interacting with her boyfriend’s parents. Ed, Kelce’s father, had high praise for his son’s girlfriend. In People, Ed described Taylor as a very sweet, charming, intelligent, and practical woman. He said his first impression was that the singer was very genuine, and they had a conversation in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium. On October 1, Taylor sat next to Donna, Kelce’s mother, and put her arm around her.

Kelce was the one who took the initiative to connect with Taylor Swift. In late July, when he attended the singer’s concert, he left his phone number on a wristband at the event to give to the beauty, but it was unsuccessful. After he revealed this in a podcast, the two managed to get in touch.

Taylor Swift, 34, is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame with country music in 2006. After 10 albums, she has won 12 Grammy Awards and 29 Billboard Awards. According to Bloomberg, her net worth is approximately $1.1 billion after the success of The Eras Tour. Before dating Travis Kelce, she had several relationships, the most recent being with actor Joe Alwyn for six years.

Travis Kelce, the same age as Taylor, is a professional football player. He has won the Super Bowl twice and was named “First-Team All-Pro” in 2016, 2018, and 2020. He has participated in the NFL Pro Bowl eight times. Kelce and model Kayla Nicole were together for 5 years before separating in May 2022.

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